you shouldn’t obsess over who follows you, who unfollows you, how tumblr famous you are, etc. tumblr is for posting what’s on your mind and what you find beautiful. not how popular you are.

even though sometimes i wish i had more followers, i love what i post.  and that makes me more happy.

and if tumblr is just for seeing how many followers you can get, then you should just delete tumblr.

i went through all the blogs i followed (700ish) today and unfollowed practically half (330ish i’m still following).  most of the blogs i unfollowed were from when i had an old “reblogging” style.  and i had stuff on my dashboard i never reblogged.  so i thought it was time to clean it up a little bit.  AND I’M NOT EVEN DONE.

people unfollow me errrry day.  and yes, i do get a little sad.  but hey, they are missing out ;)

and i’ve had 3 people message me why i unfollowed them today.  well………

1. you need to delete the unfollower tracker.  it’s a waste of your time.

2. read what i posted above.

thank you.

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