My life 6 months out of the year… MARCHING BAND!

were on news channel 8… pinch me now.  you can’t see me in this though, but this is still so flipping amazing!  (video below)

 I’m a marching band geek. I’m getting so fricken excited for marching band, you have no idea. Framed 2009 Pipes 2010 Tempest’s Fury 2011 Joan 2012 ( coming up )

TEMPEST’S FURY, 2011, WE WON STATE.  WOO HOO! (actual video below also)

pipes, 2010. (below also)

framed, 2009. i was a freshie ;) (below also)

JKFAL;EFIJA;ELIJ;A i’m super flipping excited, i can’t control myself.

april 30 can’t come any closer.  first auditions bby.

My hands are killing me.  omg.  stupid four mallets.

i seriously have 10 blisters on my hands.


behind the scenes:

you see me a bunch of times :)

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