Pre-College Advice #2: What To Bring

If you went/go on pinterest like me before college and repinned many worthless pins about what you need to bring about college, DON’T.  That stuff is a load of bogus.  If you think you can fit all that shit in your dorm room while you have to share the room with another person, you’re wrong.  I’m a girl.  I like my clothes.  I thought I could bring every garment I ever owned and fit it in my 4 ft. wide closet and 4 drawer dresser… Boy was I wrong.  I have bins piled on top of everything.

1. Bring your favorite garments and THAT’S IT.  That shirt you’ve only worn like once, give it away or don’t bring it.  Going to college is a way to clean out your wardrobe… and not buy anything else until you get there.  Sorry shopaholics.

2. Bring bins to put under your bed.

3. Bed risers.

4. A little cabinet/plastic drawer thing you can put miscellaneous things in.

5. Laundry holder… you don’t need a laundry bag or bin.

6. Silverware and stuff to eat on… get cheap little plastic plates from Five Below or the Dollar Store.

7. New hangers.

8. Those cube fabric organizers.

9. Pictures

10. Cork board or white board marker board

11. Over the door shoe hanger/ under the bed shoe organizer

12. School supplies… duhhhh (BINDERS)

Along with that, bring a hole puncher, stapler, tape, etc.

13. Calendar.

14. Planner… you forget things EASILY.

15. If you’re an avid coffee drinker, bring a keurig.

16. Alarm clock… your phone isn’t that loud.

17. Plenty of phone chargers.

18. MEDS

19. Paper towel & zip loc bags.

20. HEALTHY snacks.  Cereal is not healthy… although I have come to live off of it.

21. Breakfast food?  If you’re not on the meal plan for breakfast.  YOU NEED TO EAT BREAKFAST.

22. Sticky notes

23. Occasional crafts

24. Laptop… duhhh

25. Stuff to hang things… command hooks up to the wazooooo.

26. Drawer organizer.

AKA places to put undies, bras, socks.  I got little plastic containers to put my night-time-ritual things in so I can bring the plastic container into the bathroom with me.

27. Shower caddy

28. Laundry things/ a tote for them

29. Makeup/hair stuff organizer

Don’t just go to Bed Bath and Beyond for these things… go to the dollar store, Meijer, etc.

This is a really good link for stuff to bring to college!  Check it out!!!!  I’m sure I forgot things:

Pre-College Advice #1

College is way better than high school, let’s be honest.

Yeah, you may miss your family, your mama’s cookin (I sit here writing this eating dry lucky charms because I’m too lazy to drive in this nasty weather to go to Meijer), not be ready for responsibility, or have to study more, BUT IT’S WORTH IT.  You find out who you really are, and it’s a time to grow and try new things.

Yes, I have done things I never thought I would ever do in high school, I have friends different than at home who have done different things that I have (and I do go to a Christian private school; just because it’s a Christian college doesn’t mean ANYTHING………), I have way more homework than I ever did in high school, I might join a sorority, and I think half the guys at my school are fricken hot hunks (inside joke, sorry).

If you’re in high school, just wait, you’ll have a BLAST in college.

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Aw thanks!!!!!!! ❤️

I have no idea who to room with for next year. Fuck my life. I hate being everyone’s second choice.
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Drunky &amp; Grumpy

I want them both

loving it!




Drunky & Grumpy

I want them both

loving it!

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Beautiful Accidents


Beautiful Accidents

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Aire Barcelona 2014 collection


Aire Barcelona 2014 collection